12 in 12 to the end of April

Half way through another month seems a fitting time to update you on the 12 in 12 project.

In a book dedicated to the project, every month focuses on just one color in the color-wheel. April was the month for blue, and these are the previously unposted April pages…

detail here….

This brings us to May, and shades of blue/green colors I’m naturally drawn to!
I shall post these pages so far in a bit!

6 thoughts on “12 in 12 to the end of April

  1. I like this idea. I bought a new art journal and named it “An Experiment in Color” and then have proceeded to use mainly one color (blue/green) for all three pages. Maybe I need to branch out and challenge myself to use a new color for a few weeks!


  2. Colour is so mood evoking – those blues float me into a calm, peaceful space balanced out by the lively mark-making. Are you keeping notes on how working intensely on one colour for a month affects your general mood? I would be interested…


    1. That would be interesting, perhaps next time around (one year isn’t enough for this project!).

      I do find that when I’m engrossed in one color I have to balance this out in another area of life. Color is pretty full on in my art now and I’ve noticed I’m almost always wearing gray as a balance.


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